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Introducing Batanes

Feast your eyes on Batanes’ breathtaking landscapes featuring rolling hills, craggy cliffs, and picturesque views that will leave you in awe. From the more well-known vistas of Basco (found on Batan Island) to the charming little stone houses in Sabtang to the rugged terrain of Itbayat Island, this is a dreamy destination filled with friendly locals and scrumptious food.

Best Time to Go

For sunny and bright weather, visit Batanes during the summer months of April to June.


Airport Guide

There are two airports in Batanes: Basco Airport on Batan Island and Itbayat Airport on Itbayat Island. The first airport is the main gateway to the province. Airlines, like Skyjet, typically have one scheduled flight to Batanes. As such, expect the airport to be closed after the last scheduled flight leaves.

Budget Estimate:

Flight – Depending on the season, flights to Batanes can be as low as PHP 4,000 on lean months or as high as PHP 8,000 and up during popular months like April.

Accommodation – Expect to pay around PHP 2,000 and up per night for a double room in a centrally-located hotel in Basco, the main island in Batanes. If you’re a backpacker, you can opt for homestays that can set you back at PHP 400/day with breakfast.

Food – Allot around PHP 300-400 per meal per person.   

Insider Tip

-Expect unpredictable weather during the winter season from December to February.

-There’s no baggage carousel at Basco Airport. Once they are unloaded and lined up properly in the arrival area, pick up your luggage and show your receipt to verify ownership.

Quick Information


  • Philippine Peso (PHP)


  • Siargaonon, English, Tagalog


  • Type A, B, and C

Time Zone

  • UTC+08:00

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