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Introducing Boracay

It’s time for more fun in the sun with one of the best beaches in the world! Boracay Island’s pristine white beach and powdery sands draw tourists from around the globe to soak up some sun, view beautiful sunsets, and experience lively beach parties. Also a foodie paradise, you can enjoy fresh seafood and try some local cuisines when on the island.

Best Time to Go

The driest months in Boracay are typically from February to March. If you want to experience the island’s ultimate beach party – Laboracay, head over on May 1.

Airport Guide

Caticlan (Boracay) Airport is the nearest airport from Boracay Island. Meanwhile, Kalibo International Airport is about an hour and a half away.

Budget Estimate:

Flight – Booking a flight to Boracay via Caticlan is the fastest way to reach the island. However, airfare is more expensive at around PHP 4,000 on average for a one-way ticket. For budget travelers, flying to Kalibo then traveling by land is the cheapest option. You can score promo airfare tickets for less than PHP 1,000.

Accommodation – There is a wide selection of low-cost hostels to fancy hotels in Boracay. Many of the five-star hotels are found at Station 1, and can cost around PHP 7,000 for a one night stay. Budget accommodation like hostels for a single person can cost around PHP 700 or less.

Food – Enjoy cheap, yet filling meals for less than PHP 100 in Boracay. For fine dining in fancy hotels, food prices range from PHP 400 – PHP 700.    

Insider Tip

-Explore more of Boracay aside from its famed “White Beach.” This 7-kilometer long island has 12 other beautiful beaches like Bulabog, Puka Shell, and Diniwid.


  • Philippine Peso (PHP)


  • Siargaonon, English, Tagalog


  • Type A, B, and C

Time Zone

  • UTC+08:00

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