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Check In Time – The check in counter opens two (2) hours before the scheduled flight departure time. The carrier reserves the right not to accept the
passenger for travel or cancel the passenger’s reservation or move his reservation to waitlist if the passenger fails to check in forty-five (45) minutes before
the scheduled departure time.

Boarding Time – The passenger must arrive at the boarding gate at the airport of departure sufficiently in advance of the actual boarding time. If a passenger fails
to present himself at the boarding gate on the actual boarding time will be charge of the No Show at the Gate Penalty.

Check In Requirements – The adult or child passenger is required to present a valid proof of identity (only government issued ID’s are accepted) and other information relating to his flight and
itinerary. For infants, below two (2) years of age on the date of flight, proof of age such as birth certificate maybe required by the carrier. The passenger is
solely responsible for and must possess and have available for presentation as required by relevant authorities all entry and exit, health and other
documents required by law, regulation, order, demands or requirements of countries concerned.

Security Inspection – The passenger shall submit to any security or health inspection or checks by governments or airport officials.

Schedules – Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. No particular time is fixed for the commencement or completion of carriage and times
reflected on the ticket, timetables or elsewhere are approximate and not guaranteed, and do not form part of the contract.

Cancellation and Changes of Schedules – The airline may change the flight schedules and or cancel, terminate, divert, postpone, reschedule, or delay any
flight for reasons of safety, commercial or reasons beyond the airline’s control.

Connecting Flights – Passengers are advised to book their return flight a day earlier to avoid misconnection of flights. The airline will not assume
responsibility for any misconnection.

Taxes and Insurance Charges – Any tax, fee or charge imposed by the government or other authority or by the operator of the airport in respect to the
passenger for any service or facilities will be in addition to the airlines’ fares, administration fee. The charges will be shouldered by the passenger, unless
other specifically provided by the airline.

Transferability – A ticket is nontransferable except as provided for in the Conditions and other airline regulations and tariffs. No substitution of passenger
name will be allowed on the reservations and ticket unless otherwise permitted by the airline.

No Show Fee – If the passengers fails to check in on time and or did not cancel a paid reservation twenty four (24) hours before the scheduled departure will
be charge of the No Show Penalty.

Free Baggage Allowance – 1. The passenger will be allowed for one (1) piece of checked baggage free of charge provided they meet the size and
weight limitations. 2. DOMESTIC – the maximum weight per checked bag is ten (10 kg) and maximum size is fifty nine inches (59in) and dimension is equal to
Length + Width + Height.. 3. INTERNATIONAL – Maximum weight of Checked Baggage is fifteen (15) kilograms, subject to the airline’s rules and regulations,
conditions and baggage limitations.

Hand Carried Baggage – Passenger is allowed for one (1) piece of Hand Carried Baggage free of charge, provided they meet the conditions, size and weight
limitations. It should not weigh more than five kilograms (5 kgs.) and must not exceed the dimension of 20cmx32cmx45cm.

Dangerous Articles in Baggage – For safety reasons, dangerous articles such as, but not limited to the following are prohibited to be carried in the
passengers baggage or in the aircraft. COMPRESSED GASES (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non flammable and poisonous such as butane, oxygen, liquid
nitrogen and aqualung cylinders. CORROSIVES, such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet batteries. EXPLOSIVES, like munitions, fireworks, flares, firecrackers,
dynamites, blasting caps, black powders, busters, percussions, cartridges. FLAMMABLE liquids and solids such as lighter, matches ,paints, thinners and
firelighters and other material and substance that are combustibles and self igniting chemicals. RADIOACTIVE materials. OXIDISING materials like bleaching
powders and peroxides. BRIEFCASES attaché cases and similar items with installed alarm devices. POISONOUS AND INFECTIOUS substances like pesticides,
weed killers, live virus materials and other substances which can kill, injure and impair a living organism. MEDICINAL DRUGS with any form of alcohol.
TOILETRIES,even in limited quantities including hairspray and perfumes.



1. As used in this contract : “Ticket” means itinerary and includes paper ticket, electronic confirmation, electronic ticket or electronic coupon issued by
the carrier or on its behalf and including the Conditions of Carriage and accompanying notices and regulations. “Electronic Ticket” means itinerary
issued by the carrier or on its behalf, the electronic coupon(s) and if applicable, a boarding document. “Baggage” means such articles, effects and
other personal property as are appropriate for the passenger’s wear, use, comfort or convenience in connection with the trip, whether checked in the
cargo compartment or carried in the passenger compartment of the aircraft. “Warsaw Convention” means the Convention for the Unification of Certain
Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air signed in Warsaw, Poland in October 12, 1929 or that Convention as amended at the Hague, The
Netherlands on September 28, 1955, as amended further by other Conventions and Protocols, whichever may be applicable.

2. The terms and conditions of these Conditions of Carriage shall apply to both international and domestic carriage by air of passenger and
baggage performed by the airline, including the services incidental thereto, unless otherwise specified herein and to any liability the airline may have
in relation to that carriage or transportation. These conditions are those referred to in the ticket, itinerary, terms and conditions found on the
airline website, as well as in applicable international treaties and conventions unless otherwise stated herein.

3. To the extent that any provision contained or referred to herein is contrary to any applicable laws, the Warsaw Convention, other conventions and
treaties, government regulations, orders or requirements that cannot be waived by the agreement of parties, such conditions shall apply. The invalidity
of any provision of these Conditions shall not affect the validity of any other provision.

4. Fares apply only to carriage from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of destination.

5 .Upon delivery to the airline of the baggage, to be checked, the airline shall take custody thereof and issue a baggage identification tag for each piece of
checked baggage. Checked baggage may be claimed only by the holder of the baggage claim check.

6. The airline reserves the right to search the passenger’s baggage in their absence if they are not available, for purpose of determining whether
they are in possession of or whether their baggage contains any unacceptable or prohibited items. If the passenger refuses to comply with such
search, the airline reserves the right to refuse the passenger and baggage without refund of fare and without any liability to the passenger.

7. Fares are not refundable at all times unless otherwise specified herein or in the airline’s regulations and tariffs. Refund policy will be in accordance with
the type of ticket purchased and its restrictions. Refund will not be made if tickets are expired. The refund will only be made to the person named in the
ticket, or to the person who has paid for the ticket upon presentation of proof satisfactory to the Carrier.

DENIED BOARDING COMPENSATION – Passenger will be eligible for denied boarding compensation if they hold a paid and confirmed reserved space and was
denied boarding involuntarily. Denied Boarding Compensation will not be allowed by the airline if; 1. Passenger has not fully complied with airline’s ticketing, check
in, and reconfirmation requirements or the passenger is not acceptable for transportation under the airline’s conditions, regulations and rules and practices; 2. If its
because of the government requisition of space, or the flight is cancelled due to operational and or safety reasons, force majeure, weather, strikes, or other
causes beyond the control of the airline; 3. The passenger is denied for boarding because a smaller capacity aircraft was substituted for safety or
operational reasons; 4. The airline offered accommodations in a section of the aircraft other than specified in the passenger’s ticket , at no extra charge; 5.
Airline arranges for comparable air transportation, or for other transportation acceptable to the passenger, which at that time of either such arrangement is
made, is scheduled to arrive at the place of passenger’s next stop over or his destination, not later than three (3) hours for domestic flights and four (4) hours
in case of international flights, from the scheduled time of arrival of the flight on which he was cancelled.
For Domestic flights, a passenger will be paid the full value of the first remaining flight coupon plus one hundred fifty (PHP150.00) and for International Flights,
full value of the remaining flight coupon, but not to exceed one thousand five hundred pesos (PHP1500.00) or its equivalent, plus an amount not exceeding five
hundred pesos (PHP500.00) or its equivalent which relieve the airline from liability for all claims of damages caused by its failure to honor the confirmed

WARSAW CONVENTION NOTICE – Passengers on a journey involving an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than the country of departure are
advised that the Warsaw Convention may apply to the entire journey, including any portion thereof entirely with the country. For such passengers, the Warsaw
Convention, including special contracts of carriage embodied in applicable tariffs, govern the liability of the carrier for death of or injury to passengers and loss of or
damage to baggage. The names of the carriers that are party to such special contacts are available at all ticket offices of such carriers and may be examined upon

Notice of Baggage Liability Limitations – Liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage is limited unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional
chargers are paid. Liability for domestic travel and liability for international travel vary according to the applicable laws. Airline’s liability for loss, damage or delay in
the delivery of baggage in its custody shall not exceed forty pesos (Php40.00) per kilo. In addition, the carrier will not be responsible for normal wear and tear to
checked baggage and will not be liable for property carried on board by the passenger and retained in their custody. ALL CLAIMS ARE SUBJECT TO PROOF OF

Refusal to Transport – The carrier may refuse to transport or remove from any flight, any passenger or passengers baggage for valid reasons as provided in
the Carriers General Conditions of Carriage approved by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB).