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Jinri Park, model and lifestyle blogger

I choose to fly SkyJet because they have the fastest flights to Siargao. Another important thing to me when I fly is my comfort. SkyJet’s aircraft has very big legroom. I can seat back, relax at their plane’s very comfy seats.

Dee Gee Razon, Photographer and lifestyle blogger

It’s my second time to fly to Siargao with SkyJet and I like that it’s super convenient. Their flights to Siargao are direct flight [from Manila]. I can relax while flying because of its spacious legroom—handy since I always sleep during flights—and the temperature onbaord’s cool. I plan to go to Coron and Boracay, especially Coron, which I haven’t fully explored, and in those trips I’d still take SkyJet.

Luis Manzano, TV host

It was my first time to fly SkyJet and it was a very very good experience. I was completely blown away. [The flight] was very comfortable; the staff were very accommodating. I hope SkyJet gets to have more flights. I did not have even a second of regret I flew SkyJet. In my next plans—if I go to Boracay or Surigao—it’s a given that SkyJet’s my top-of-mind airline.