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SkyJet Birthday Getaway!

Drag your barkada and make it a birthday to remember!


1. Birthday celebrant of all ages can avail the birthday promo on any date of the their birth month (Embargo Period Applies).

2. Celebrants can avail of the ONE-WAY FREE-OF-CHARGE tickets, exclusive of fuel surcharge, DPSC & ASF with the following conditions:

    a. Must be accompanied by at least one (1) to three (3) accompanying passengers.
    b. Celebrant and accompanying passengers must be booked and ticketed as ROUNDTRIP.
    c. Celebrant and accompanying passengers must be booked and should travel together.
    NOTE: Celebrant will get ONE-WAY FREE-OF-CHARGE ticket and the remaining flight leg will be based on regular fare (Y class). Accompanying passenger’s ticket will get 30% discount on regular fare (Y class).

3. Reservations must be made thru all SkyJet Organic Ticketing Office or thru our hotline 88-SKYJET (88-759538).

4. Payment can only be made in all SkyJet Organic Ticketing Office provided that valid government issued IDs must be presented.

5. Celebrant’s free-of-charge ticket is valid on specified date only and with NON TRANSFERRABLE, NON REROUTABLE, NON ENDORSEABLE, NON REBOOKABLE, NON REFUNDABLE and NON COVERTIBLE TO CASH restrictions.

6. Accompanying passengers’ tickets has the following restrictions: NON TRANSFERRABLE, NON REROUTABLE, NON ENDORSEABLE, NON REBOOKABLE, NON REFUNDABLE and NON COVERTIBLE TO CASH.

7. Booking and reservations must be at least seven (7) days prior the intended departure date and should be within birth month of celebrant.

8. Birthday celebrant and the accompanying passengers must be booked and paid on the same day.

9. Point of origin can be from Manila, Basco or Busuanga.

10. Celebrants free-of-charge and accompanying passengers’ tickets if not used shall be FORFEITED.

11. Requirements for Celebrants:
– Celebrant must bring an original and valid government issued picture ID with the birth date imprinted on it (both local and foreign I.D.’s are accepted, for proof such as SSS, NBI, Driver’s license, PAGIBIG, Passport). In the case that the celebrant doesn’t have a government issued picture ID, he/she may bring his/her birth certificate supported by any picture ID (school ID, Parent’s ID or Company ID).

12. This promo can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discounts.

13. Gift certificates will not be honoured on this promo.

14. This promo is available until December 31, 2019.

CAB Approval No. : 4206-11-16-S2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I would like to avail of the promo, does the point of origin have to be Manila?
Point of origin can be from Manila, Basco or Busuanga. However, your return trip must be to the same point of origin. As a sample, you can fly from Basco to Manila with your return flight back to Basco.

2. My onwards flights falls on my birthday month but my return flight will fall on the next month. Can I still avail of the promo?
Yes, as long as the onward flight falls on your birthday month, your return flight can be any month. However, please note that the rate could be different depending on your month of travel, so have a SkyJet Booking Agent assist you in coming up with a quote.

3. Is mixing of routes allowed? Let’s say I want to avail of the MNL to Boracay but I want my FREE return trip to be Basco to MNL. Both trips will be traveled within my birthday month?
For this promo, no mixing of routes is allowed. You can avail of roundtrip to Basco rates with this promo and book a flight to Boracay with us as well, we have great rates year-round anyway!

4. My companion is my infant daughter and as such is qualified to avail of the Infant Fee rate, can I still avail of this promo?
To avail of this promo, your companion must be a full paying passenger.

5. I would like to fly with my twin brother so we’re celebrating our birthday within the same month–the same day even! Can we each avail of the FREE flight?
To avail of this promo, your companion must be a full paying passenger. You and your twin brother must each have a full paying companion. Why don’t you make it a trip for 4? The more the merrier.

6. I have an expired Passport and an unrenewed Driver’s License, can you consider this as proof of my birth date since at least it’s two IDs bearing my photo and birth date?
We require a valid ID that is unexpired. You may instead present a birth certificate and a valid secondary ID with photo such as a school or company-issued ID.

7. Regarding the payment, I want to pay through Credit Card but my companion will pay for his share via Payment Center. Is this allowed?
To avail of this promo, the payment for both the birthday celebrant’s and the companion’s flight must be settled together in one transaction.

8. We are a group of 4 who happen to celebrate our birthdays on the same month. Can we be each other’s companion and avail of one-way free flights each?
To avail of this promo, each birthday celebrant must be accompanied by a full paying passenger. So, since there are 4 of you celebrating your birtdays, you must each find a companion who will pay full roundtrip fares. There’ll be 8 people traveling in total. Sound like a fun plan. Note however that seats sell fast and it’s best to check with a SkyJet Booking Agent about the availability of seats on your desired flight/s.

9. I would like to avail of this promo for my upcoming Basco trip for my birthday. My companion would only require a one-way flight from Manila to Basco, because she actually lives in Basco and will not require to return to Manila anymore. Can we still avail of the promo?
To avail of this promo, you need a companion who will book a roundtrip ticket. We suggest inviting another friend to fly with you to Basco and make it a trip for 3.

10. I would like to celebrate my birthday in Coron together with my dearest lola as my companion. She is a senior citizen, will she still be able to avail of the Senior Citizen’s discount?
What a lovely idea to take your grandmother along with you! For this promo, you and your grandmother are entitled to avail of our year-round special fares. Since the fare is already discounted, no Senior Citizen discount will be applied.